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IJFS special issue review process

2018-10-21 08:31
Additional paper submission

As mentioned on the special issue website, an additional paper of at least six pages of the conference format must submitted for the pre- and the on-site review process. It is strongly recommended to include fuzzy related contents in your paper.
Please submit the additional paper info@ifuzzy2018.org at your earliest convenience no later than Nov. 11, 2018. Note that you must submit the final version of the paper separately if you wish to.

Pre-review process

The additional paper will be reviewed by the reviewers in advance and their comments will be provided to the authors so that they can respond to them on site.

On-site review process

All authors must give the oral presentation during the review session. The presentation schedules are already included in the technical program posted at http://ifuzzy2018.org/?page_id=420.

Please contact at info@ifuzzy2018.org if you have any questions or inquiry.